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Genre : Progressive

Real name: Guy Youngman (aka DJ Guyshanti. why? dont ask... long story) from Nahariya, Israel. 

Born in 1972. First musical interests included a lot of guitars and very few synths. and it stayed like this for quite a long time. 

Reborn in In 1995 when I was exposed to trance music for the first time and started djing and producing original material in 1998. shortly after I met Josef (Dudu) Atrash and formed Evil Drug Lords, a project that lasted for more than four years during which we released over 20 tracks for compilations on many leading labels. 

In 2005 I began my solo progressive trance project Aerospace. 

Aerospace - Earth, the debute album was released on Midijum Records in March 2006 and has recieved great reviwes around the world. 

The second album - Elevation - was released on Spintwist Records in the December of 2006. 

The 3rd full length album - Reformed - a remixes project that has been in the coking for almost 2 years, was released in March 2008 

The 4th full length album - Stereo Flip - is scheduled for release on June the 12th on Spintwist records. 

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