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Genre : Jazz

Alec Katz is a highly sought after pianist, arranger, producer and educator.
Began studying piano as early as of the age of seven. Later received his classical training in music theory, piano and composition. Began playing professionally on local scene in Israel in the early 1990's. Made several recordings and performed on festivals. Worked with visiting artists such as Abraham Burton, Walter Blanding, Valery Ponomarev, Arnie Lawrence and others.


In 1996-98 did his studies at The Royal Conservatory, The Hague Holland (Frans Elsen and Barry Harris). Graduated with the High Degree in Music performance. 
While in Europe, Alec has a played and recorded with a some of the best musicians there.


Back in Israel performs on major festivals, clubs and concert halls with renowned Israeli musicians as well as with international artists such as: 
Slide Hampton, Donald Harrison, Eric Alexander, Stefon Harris, Nasheet Waits, Lenora Helm, Jeanne Bryson, Renee Lee, Dave Cliff, Jean Loup Longnon and others


In 2000 has made a recording featuring legendary drummer Billy Hart. 
In 2003 in New York has produced a recording for vocalist Simona Arones featuring veteran Jazz/R&B keyboard artist Harry Whitaker Jr. 
In November 2004 performed in a special program with Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra performing symphonic works by Gershwin and Ellington.


Alec plays at clubs, on major festivals and events in various settings, as a soloist and a sideman. Has performed many times at Eilat Jazz Festival, Tel Aviv Jazz Festival, Jerusalem Theater, Einav Music Center, Jerar Bachar Center, Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center, Tel Aviv Museum, Haifa Cinemateque, Camelot, Shablul, Zappa and other jazz clubs and venues around the country. He is also active as educator teaching privately and at Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music

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