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Жанр : Регги

Alla Esh came together when singer-songwriter Shmuel Zeltser decided to finally form his own band. Who else could he turn to if not the virtuoso Avner Cohen to play along. After a short period of duetting Jerusalem they felt that a creative drummer is vital. Hearing Matan Saadia play on "some" concert was enough to decide - hey, you can hear his playing sing along with the lyrics - not many drummers like that. Finding the multi-talented Yaron Meirow on the keyboard was all they needed to begin their deeds, full power! 
Their music is a blend that they like to call FOLK-REGGAE. S.Z likes when his lyrics make the audience think, laugh, upset, do him things backstage or after the show, practically every response is welcome. A.C likes to make you notice that there are really good (a)LIVE musicians on stage. Y.M is what HAPPY MUSICIAN is all about. M.S likes a broad variety of hardcore shit. Alla Esh loves a good time, on stage and off. 
Recently recorded their first EP in TESHA STUDIO. It is called HANETACH HATOV. 


  • Avner Cohen - Вокал и Бас
  • Matan Saadia - Барабаны
  • Shmuel Zeltser - Вокал и Гитара
  • Yaron Meirow - Клавиши

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