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So Amir Benayoun, one of the most exciting things to have happened to Israeli music in recent years, has a new disk out.

Critics are saying nice things. But...

Amir is fed up with the big music companies robbing him silly and he's sueing them. This means he's manufacturing and distributing the new disk privately.

Music stores I've been to aren't stocking it, but you can order it directly from his company at this number - 08-6105559

Good luck to him!

By the way, the website of Nevel Asor, Benayoun's company, doesn't work on Shabbat or Jewish holidays.

This clip isn't from the new disk, but from the previous one. The actor is Zeev Revach. You can see Amir for a second or two right at the end (and I think he's backstage at the beginning too).

Update: So I've been reading things on the Amir and Avi Benayoun's forum and other places, and what it seems is that the Israeli music federation is so powerful that none of the music stores are selling Benayoun's disk, even though all his previous material has been bestsellers. In effect he's being boycotted.

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  • Me gusta
    Кто: ilsen54, опубликовано: 04 Sep, 17:09:28
    me gusta mucho este cantantes, su musica golpea de verdad
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