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Amiram Inc. After years of playing gigs in various clubs in France, Scandinavia and England, recording as a solo artist, and even busking in the streets of New York, Israeli/Norwegian Amiram Eini decided to go back to his musical roots and start a band. 
He joined forces with bass player Shai Saadon, and drummer Alon Tavori, and the trio started playing gigs on the Tel Aviv scene as "Amiram's Band". English born, classically trained violinist and vocalist Emily Bennett soon joined in, and the lineup was completed by guitarist Assaf Barak. Renaming themselves "Amiram Inc.", the now quintet intensified work on their live show, performing across the country and quickly creating a faithful following. 

A few months down the road they entered the studio to record their debut album, Little Defects. Recorded in Tel Aviv Israel, mixed in Oslo Norway and mastered in Stockholm Sweden, the album reflects the band's diverse influences, drawing from such greats as David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Pearl Jam, Muse, Led Zeppelin, Dave Matthews Band, Ben Harper, Jeff Buckley and others, as well as more eclectic sources like Norwegian rock cabarets. The cultural melting pot in the band creates musical tensions that while leaning heavily on a singer songwriter base, carry a strong post grunge dynamic drive. Amiram's thoughtful lyrics, unconventional melody lines and voice, along with Emilys violin and vocals captured the audiences immediately. 

The album was met with raving reviews in some of the country's leading magazines. Early 2007 the first single from the album "Allright" was released and instantly became a hit on both national and local radio stations across the country. After their Australian single debut and a successfull U.K tour last summer , Amiram Inc are looking towards their Scandinavian album release in 2008. Quickly moving their sound into the international music scene. 

These days Amiram Inc are working on their second studio album


  • Alon Tavori - Барабаны
  • Amiram Eini - Вокал
  • Assaf Barak - Гитапа
  • Emily Bennett - Виолончель
  • Shai Saadon - Бас

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