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Genre : מוסיקה קלאסית


 « Hello I am Claudine

and I am Inbar.

A while back we were sitting on a coffee. We were talking about life…

And memories…”

Claudine and Inbar are two artists that met in TLV in 2014. She comes from Marseille, France…She comes from Ein Geidi, Israel… She used to live in South America.. She used to live in The U.S…She is from here… And she is from there…

And they felt like sharing, mixing, shaping as clay their memories.

After a year performing and touring « Rabia » in Orly Portal Dance Company, they decided to start a research process about the sensation of remembering. To dive deeply into sense-memory, through movements.

They got a vision. A vison about gathering together artists ready to dive onto a creation synergy.

They are a community of international artists, decided to strengthen all artistic endeavors they embark on in the future.

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