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Not long before he died Antonio Gades set up a Foundation to protect his legacy. It would both look after and disseminate his artistic heritage, thereby fostering a greater awareness of Spanish Dance throughout the world.
But the most important project the Antonio Gades Foundation has undertaken, and the most important homage that we could pay him, is the creation of a dance company to perform Antonio’s five great works – the FLAMENCO SUITE (1968), BLOOD WEDDING (1974), CARMEN (1983), FIRE (LOVE THE MAGICIAN) (1989) and FUENTEOVEJUNA (1994).
Every member of the Company is someone Antonio trusted, and most of them he signed up before his death. The staging of his works naturally follows his choreographies to the letter.
The Antonio Gades Foundation, as the trustee of the rights of the Gades ballets, provides the new Company with the stage set and costumes for each of the works mentioned. In accordance with Antonio´s wishes, the Foundation will be both artistic and executive producer of the ballets.
The Company, as well as promoting the work of Antonio Gades throughout the world, will be the Foundation´s main collaborator, participating in the different activities for which it was created. The most important of these will be the Antonio Gades Spanish Dance Competition; there will also be seminars and specialist courses on Antonio’s choreography.
In August 2005 the new Antonio Gades Company performed CARMEN at the Roman Theatre in Verona. The response both of public and critics was rapturous. The Company also took part in the Homage to Antonio Gades organized by the Foundation in the Zarzuela Theatre, Madrid.
They performed excerpts from BLOOD WEDDING, CARMEN and FUENTEOVEJUNA to wild acclaim.
In January 2006 the Company begins touring. This new phase of its existence will be a continuation of the fifty years of touring by Antonio Gades, when he tirelessly took the best of Spanish dancing all over the world.

Antonio Gades Foundation.

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