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Genre : Folk

The Atomic Gang plays original folk and its members perform as traveling clowns. The ensemble includes Tom Klenner on cello and vocals, Niv Hermati on melodica, Tom Excelrod on accordion, Emily Bennet on violin, Dolev Mazkeret on double bass and Yaron Fishman on guitar, ukulele and vocals.

The Atomic Gang has released an album where each song comes joined with a unique artist drawing as detachable postcards. The band describes this artistic choice as a "goodbye to the CD format".

The name of the band derives from a successful experiment Yaron Fishman performed producing homemade nitro-glicerin... With that quirkiness in mind, a unique album was created - acoustic-folk mixing guitars, banjo, junbush, mandolin, cello, double bass, flute, melodica, piano and ukulele.

Their shows include clowns and acrobats that interpret parts of songs while the music is playing. The image of the clown was chosen since it embodies the gaps typical to the spirit of the band: sadness and joy, loneliness and love, strangeness, need for recognition, etc. 

Membres :

  • Alon Alpert - Chant
  • Maayan Carmeli - Violon
  • Niv Hermati - Piano
  • Tom Klenner - Chant
  • Uri Nofu - Percussion
  • Yaron Fishman - Guitare
  • Yuval Avi Guy - Guitare

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