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Genre : Israeli

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Avner Gadasi is an authentic Israeli singer and songwirter.

He sings and performs his songs in Hebrew and plays the guitar as well as the Ud.

Avner began writing his songs in the 70s, performing in family events and sinagogues. In 1970 he won the Israely national youth talent competition and two years later had his first album out:  “This is How we Loved” - “Ahavnu Cach”.

Today Avner has 8 popular albums and is one of the few singer songwriters of his style and time who is still perfroming.

Avner perfromed before soldiers during the Yom Kipur war and has so far perfromed with artists such as Zohar Argov, Haim Moshe and Shimi Tavori.

His music has always been a mixture of ethnic rock and today he contiues this approach collaborating with young Israeli rock bands in concert.

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