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Жанр : Электро-поп

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Balkan Beat Box is steeped with an intense lifetime of research into their own non-Western roots as well as other cultures. A quasi-circus event, BBB performs with a core of 6 musicians, collaborating with artists from Bulgaria, Morocco, Spain, Israel, and Turkey who draw on a variety of styles from around the world. Every event keeps the audience guessing what the next surprise will be.

BBB makes connections that politics often keep separate. Jewish, Gypsy, Arabic, and American are united by hip hop beats and dancehall toasts. BBB’s musical hitch-hiking continues as they mix things up with dub and electronics, juxtaposed with ancient Moroccan and Mediterranean melodies. The band’s uncategorizable sound gives equal weight to soulful acoustic timbres and digital rhythms creating a uniquely organic sound with electronic elements. 

“Gypsy is the definition of a soul, not a color or place. It’s a take on life.”
– Tamir Muskat in SPIN, Jan. 2007

“A magnificent mash-up melding music from every conceivable corner of the globe and its history."
– Chicago Sun Times 


  • Ben Handler - Бас
  • Dana Leong - Тромбон
  • Eyal Talmudi - Саксофон
  • Itamar Ziegler - Бас
  • Jeremiah Loockwood - Гитапа
  • Ori Kaplan - " Огненная вода "
  • Peter Hess - Саксофон
  • Tamir Muskat -
  • Tomer Yosef - Перкуссия
  • Uri Kinrot - Гитапа

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