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Жанр : Рок

'Billy Levy Nobleman is one of the women you would die to wake up next to. Not only because of her sex appeal look: Levy is a two legged walking talent' 

- 106FM Kol Hacampus/radio station, online music magazine 

'They've played only a few songs but all of them were excellent!! A predatory combination between The White Stripes and Young Gods. It might be irresponsible to pass judgment only after a few songs but still Billy and her band seem like a promising Exeporting Field.'

-Yediot Aharonot/ 7 Leylot / major Israeli newspaper

Levy was marked as the biggest promises of the Israeli Indie Rock. She's an excellent preformer and knows well how to integrate the three most important elements of the scene- a woman, a guitar and rock'n'roll. 

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