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Genre : Rock - Music Videos & Photography

Catznelson was founded in 2008 by Idan Maor (guitars, piano and vocals) and Avidan Graziani (drums) in a small apartment where they lived as room mates. Idan (soundman - in his profession) started working on songs with Avidan written and composed himself. After some time joined Hanan Elbaz (bass  guitar) whom they knew from the days at school. The three played together in about six months and decided to add another guitarist named Avshalom Simon. After a year of rehearsals the band started  preforming in a number of music clubs around Israel, and began recording a debut album. First single due out soon. Catznelson plays new, interesting music, which combines indie, rock, psychedelic, and blues. The connection results in an creative energetic performance. Recorded material can be heard  live on the website.


  • Avidan Graziani - Drums
  • Avshalom Shimon - Electric Guitar and Sound effects
  • Hanan Elbaz - Bass
  • Idan Maor - Guitar, Piano Vocals Lyrics and Producer

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