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Жанр : Рок

Days Like Months Shay Arlich, Itzik Cohen, Roi Aviv live and breathe music. Shay and itzik formed their first band and started their search for the right sound at the age of 11. After years of playing in Israel together they decided to move to New York City to reach and touch a bigger audience and live their dream as musicians. They formed Days Like Months at 2006 and soon after they found the perfect musician to join them; Roi Aviv who are equally dedicated, talent and ambitioned, and share the same vision as them. Together they created an interesting, innovative sound that defines their lives, experiences and ideas. That sound is their lyrics, music and spirit.
Except for dedication, the four also share nationality (all Israelis), and years of experience in the industry between them, as they all managed to perform (before the age of 25) with some of the most renowned and well respected musicians in their home country. The band was now ready to start rocking with Shay, a singer-song writer with intensive, charismatic voice, Itzik the drummer with his own speed of sound, Roi with his Jazzy vibe on Bass guitar. As the band’s music took form, it started to develop in an Indie Rock direction, echoing a mix of musical influences as Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and The Smiths to name but a few.
A hint of ethnic elements is subtly intertwined in their music which gives it diversity and depth. Their material, written by shay, is about love, war and what’s in between. “To write well about love one has to experience it, to write about pain one has to know it, and to write about war you have to be in one.” (Shay Arlich) The band soon began to perform all around New York City, in venues such as: Luna Lounge, Club Midway, Rockwood Music Hall, Don Hill’s and Arlene’s Grocery.
These performances have given Days Like Months plenty of exposure, and built a strong group of followers that grows with each show. But the band’s need to be heard isn’t yet fulfilled. They wish to touch and influence others, just as their favorite artists have done for them.


  • Itzik Cohen - Барабаны
  • Roi Aviv - Бас
  • Shay Arlich - Вокал и Гитара

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  • Love the band!
    Кто: itzik, опубликовано: 20 Nov, 02:44:43
    Love the band! upcoming new band, just love the music!! gonna see them live on the 24th dec!
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