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Genre : Psychedelic

Avi Harush (a.k.a DJ Tshompi) and Arik Mimone are from the south of Israel and since 1998 they run the ‘Delirious’ project, bringing a crystal clean sound production and a clubby approach to the dance floor. Their last album, “Break Point”, marked them as a unique act as their skill to create polished tracks with amazing atmospheres made them famous world wide and it was not long before they collaborated and remixed Israel's finest artists such as: Astrix, Infected Mushroom, Skazi, DJ Yahel and Astral Projection. They Released tracks on various compilations of TIP World, HOMmega, Hit Mania, Crystal Matrix and many more. They are now working on their upcoming 3rd album, “Fast forward to rewind”, to be release during 2007 on HOMmega. ‘Delirious’ are constantly touring the world and visiting frequently countries like Japan, Brazil, Mexico, UK, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Italy… making everybody run – to the dance floor!

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