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Genre : Progressive

He was born to make music ever since he got captivated by the world of tunes and vocalic sounds which has given him the inspiration to aquire the knowledge of playing different kinds of instruments since his age of 12 that he, a while later, managed to put into practice by holding small piano concerts for the public. His first meeting with electronic music was in 1995 and he is still devoting most of his time doing it at the highest level, giving the lovers of electronic music an extraordinary experience. He got together with his DJ friend who advocated his rising ambitions of trying to produce his own mixes and creating his style for the first time. After merely two year practice, he had his debut at Club Celtic in Canada which was followed by numerous further gigs. Despite his success in Canada, he decided to have a shift away from Canada to England in order to get a better insight into electronic music and start learning about it. After a year, he became a resident DJ at Club Dundee (2008) where he made a number of massive parties. At the moment, he is playing for the MOTD Radio where he makes the music every friday night. Besides, he also plays at other places on occasions. His style can be described as minimal, deep, progressiv, tech and trance which are well reflected on his music and fabolous gigs. 

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