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Genre : Progressive


Name: Yehuda Narkis 
Born: 1976 
From: Jerusalem in origin currently located in Tel Aviv.


 Started listening to trance music at Goa around the year of 2000, and started playing as a professional DJ at the end of 2000 mainly at underground parties around Israel. One of the first DJs in the Israeli scene who played psychedelic progressive sound a fact that made him come together with the Domo family almost immediately, working since the middle of the year 2001 under the roof of Domo.

At the start of 2007 started to change musical direction and signed to Vertikal records germany as the direction of music took solid direction. In the last 3 years Yehuda became one of the most popular DJs in the Israeli scene and got to be known as a multi-style DJ playing a diversity of almost all the range of trance related music (tech, progressive and psychedelic) as well es electro house and deep traibl sound ,but mainly nown for the ability to pley ecalectic sound and integrate with the croud, a fact that made him play in almost all kinds of productions in front of varied crowds from underground “hat parties” to big commercial raves and clubs in Israel and around the world. 

Starting to work in these days on his first musical project, first results TBA soon,and making 2 side projects in process one with lenya koval from "Assimetric" and second as "jelly fish" with annarchi. Compiled the most acclaimed G Spot compilation released on Domo Records and working these days on a compilation (G-string) for vertikal records wich will represent his point of view on progressive & electro sound. 

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