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Genre : Psychédélique

Double R.E.L. are Ariel Ram and Ariel Sela from israel. Both met in a "blind date" on the internet some years ago and since than it has been a true "love story". The R.E.Ls have been producing cutting edge Psytrance for several years and released numerous tracks on many compilations from various labels. In their first album CEREAL KILLERZ! (DOOF RECORDS 2006) The double have managed to define a new style of psy-trance which is funny as much as it is pumping,Their unique sound and energy has made them one of the most popular acts in the Israeli trance scene. The Double's unique talent flavors every track with a twist of creativity and their supreme sound made them the flagship of the psycadelic label and very busy performers in many dance floors around the globe. "U Name iT" (DOOF RECORDS 2008) the couples long awaited and expected 2nd album presents the latest developments in the Double Sounds,techniques and influences. a creation that will make you bounce around on a new Psychadelic journey! 
And Remember Good Things Always Comes In Double !! 

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