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”Some times accidents can be a good thing”, recalls Ben Spector original member of The Tel-Aviv powerhouse reggae act DUB L.F.O, This is the story of an unassuming rock act turned seminal reggae trail blazers. It began when the 4 piece finished another typical set at the epic club (now defunct) Jah-Pan in Southern TLV. The club owner was so taken by their a-typical moves and hooks on a dub song that they topped the night off with, he invited them to headline a reggae festival two weeks later. The problem was: They never really thought of themselves as a reggae band, nor did they have enough material to fill a set. The next morning the band woke up early, hung over and inspired...they locked themselves in a basement (shelter) for two weeks straight and built the foundations of what would become “Back To The Jungle”. 14 days later, they emerged with 12 new songs, crystallized and powerful...Yes; this is the story of a band that is steppin’ out of Zion, the original lions ’.



Those 14 days underground, sparked a fire through out the country. Dozens of National festival requests and radio interviews ensured, and it wasn’t long before the word spread ; this time to music festivals through out Europe. Organizers of “Fete del Musique” & Szgiet (The Largest Festival In Europe 800,000 revelers per year) were quick to recognize DUB L.F.O’s talent.

What is the band all about: “The essence of DUB L.F.O is really the live show...its about making bodies move while delivering a message that resonates to the heart of the reggae soul...truth, passion, freedom, overcoming the Babylon." -Roi Avital (front man for the group). Thousands of people have already been affected by the sounds and minds of DUB L.F.O; Their music has even been described by some critics as the answer to epic dub producer Adrian Sherwood’s staple “Becoming A Cliche’”

DUB L.F.O’s is now playing dozens of show’s back in Zion (Israel) and topping off their second release, (Untitled as of yet) The band has also recently signed a non-exclusive development deal with Oleh! Records, and is planning several tours at the beginning of 08’ in Europe and Australia.


  • Adi Ben Tsur - שירה ובאס
  • Dudu Vazana - תופים
  • Eviatar Gutman - שירה וקלידים
  • Guy Cohavi - שירה וגיטרה
  • Roi Avital - שירה וגיטרה

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