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Жанр : Психоделик

DUME aka Expanse and Dellusion (Vlad & Igal) . In ages of Vlad (EXPANSE) youth he discovered the psychedelic music , the beginnings create the music , under influence of those sounds which have amazed it . Igal wanted to do a change in the after party and open air party in Israel , to give the best as the crowd wants free entrance to girls low bar prices and av course the best music there is and they did it . Energy Prod . is based in Tel Aviv(2006) by the Igal (DELLUSION) . During the time that the line works they build there name strong as the best party concept in Israel . The main purpose is to bring big variety of djs and styles and to give you a great experience every day anew and anew so bring your Energy's and kick the dance floor whit us . On one of such parties Vlad and Igal have got acquainted , and have decided to work together ! At the moment, working on debut album !

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