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Genre : רוק

The band was established in the early 80's in Kibbutz Givat Brener. The early 90's was a period that rock music flurished in israel and Eifo Hayeled were one of the first to get in the mainstream of the israeli music. They recorded some of the greatest rock songs in israel and had great success with their 3 albums.

In 1998 the band broke up after two years of rumors, but in 2001 the band reunited for several shows. Today the band reunites once again and this time for an uncertain period of time.


  • Asaf Maroz - תופים
  • Asaf Sarig - שירה וגיטרה
  • Hemi Rudner - שירה ובאס
  • Ofir Bar-Ami - שירה וגיטרה
  • Shif Arad - גיטרה

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