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Genre : Psychedelic

El Niño it’s a solo project of the 25 years old Oren Gilat placed in Israel. Since he was 8 years old electronic music took part in his life after getting his first psy cd. By the time he was 14 Oren start playing as a DJ first in local parties and later on at bigger events in Israel . Producing electronic music was the next step and after few years of fooling around with software's such as Impulse tracker meeting Mor zarbel aka Morpheus 5 years ago Introduce him to pro production softwere. Since them El Niño was playing all over Israel parties and fests And in Europe for organizers such as Roots, venom, atom and many more Keeping his sets with uplifting groove , happy, melodic and atmospheric. This days Oren been produce his debut album (point zero.) and working on a minimal project a long side to his full on El Niño project While working on that one Oren has doing his sound engineering diploma this days. 60 min new live set ready for this summer new fresh and pumping

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