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Genre : Rock

Ethnix is an Israeli pop-rock band. Their music is a mix of oriental and western melodies. Ethnix is the oldest continuously-operating band in Israel, together since 1989. The band was formed by Ze'ev Nehama and Tamir Kalisky.

They composed their first album, "Ethnix", which was released in 1990. The album leaned towards rock, but the band soon began expanding in other directions, specifically combining "ethnic"(oriental) and western music, which came to define the character of the band and is reflected in its name. The band became and still is, top-selling and successful.

Ze'ev and Tamir, the main composers, created and produced for many more artists over the years, including well-known star Eyal Golan, for whom they wrote three albums which helped propel him and the Meditteranean style to popularity.

Other artists they have composed and wroted for include Rita, Sharon Haziz, Yehudah Keisar, Hagmalim, Sarit Hadad, Hayalei Hanekama and others.

Ethnix maintain a high level of production and quality methods of creation. The way they writes, records or package themselves (with Storm thorgerson, Naoto Hattori) are always unique and most creative. More...

Membres :

  • Gal Hadani - Percussion
  • Gil Alon - Guitare
  • Tamir Kalisky - Clavier
  • Yoram Poizner - Guitare
  • Zeev Nehama - Chant

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