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Genre : פסיכודלי

Pavel Shkolnikov was born in Gomel Belarus in 1978 and in 2000 has moved to North of Israel. Today Pavel lives in Tel-Aviv. Pavel startred his muasical jurney when he bought his first guitar at the age of 12. Pavel had a great start,already by the age 14 he joined his first band that was influied by punk-rock gendre. Step by step his musical instincts got sharper and he was exposed to more musical instrument such as piano,bass guitar and drums.his musical taste took him to different directions,from hard metal to classic composers. By the age of 18 Pavel has preformed with several different bands and blended all kind of music types. In his peak he preformed at major concerts in several countries touring with his band comrads he had a verioty,experiences that will follow him through a life time. All of it changed after moving to Israel and visited his first psychedlic party.Pavel Heard sounds and textures that he never heard before and got really facinated by it really fast and started to visit parties on regular bases. When he got his first computer the first thing he did he installed an electronic music software. He experienced with different electronic 2005 he and Max(Terranoise) started with Clockstoppers,Pavel's first trance project. Soon their musical style has taken a shape,fast safisticatied and psychodelic dance floor smasher! And the realeses came pretty fast,first Peak records,then GeoTV,Mass Abduction USA,Freack Out pro,and Doof records. From dusty deserts in the south of israel to deep forests in the north they rocked the party's with their blowing tracks Today Pavel works alone under his psycodelic project named Evergreen and other projects that focused on difrent derections such ambient,chill out and experemental At his studio in Tel aviv Pavel produces his music and working on his debut album.

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