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Genre : Folk

Composer and arranger Ezequiel (Hezi) Jait was born in Mendoza, Argentina. He plays on classical and electrical guitar, bass guitar, oud, piano, drums and different percussion instruments. In the Israeli army he served in the entertainment troupe as guitarist. Hezi is a full scholarship graduate from the Jerusalem music academy, where he studied with Yinam leef' Rafi Kadishzon, Taiseer Elias, Menachem Weisenberg and Ilan Mochiach.
He performs in several ensembles in Israel and abroad. He preformed with accordionist Emil Aybinder in Greece, U.S.A and Austria. He has also preformed with the Maghreb orchestra in tell Aviv Mann auditorium, and with saxophonist Arnie Laurence z"l at the IAJE in New York and participated in the Eilat, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv jazz festivals.
Hezi won first price in the carmiel festival for his arrangement to "Concertina ve gitara" by Sasha Argov, and has arranged music for the Beer Sheva Sinfonietta, the army string quartet and world music ensemble, the Jerusalem saxophone quartet and for the Jerusalem Music center. He is a sought after studio musician and also writes music for films, among others the main song for "I think I hear a rainbow". His music arrangements and compositions are heard on the radio and used for the Israeli Independence Day. israel

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