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The Beginning


It was 1998 when two brothers in funk collided and decided it was time to bring funk classics to the Israeli stage. Elran Dekel and Guri Alfi got together a band of four and before the year was up Funk'n'Stein The Band was on stage playing the music of James Brown, George Clinton, Sly and The Family Stone and all of their favorite funk artists. They found that the people didn?t need to know the music in order to enjoy it. From the moment the show started it seemed everybody forgot the world outside and all that existed was that dancing, groovy vibe. They got the early Friday slot every two weeks in a Tel Aviv club and watched their crowd grow with every show.

The Rise

Then, as must happen in funk bands, a horn section came along. This brought their performances to a whole new level - for the band and the crowd. Funk'n'Stein The Band began to bring that true funk groove - and the people responded. They outgrew the early show and made the alarming decision that funk night would be every other Monday at midnight. But, even this would not keep the people away! So, within a year of their first performance and with an already loyal following, Funk'n'Stein The Band began playing every other Friday night - the main slot.

In the year 2000, Elran Dekel (actually 6'5" but with the afro 6'9") became the front man of the 8-member band when Guri Alfi resigned in order to pursue his television career. In the summer they introduced their new look at the tremendously successful 70?s Night Live party in Tel Aviv and didn't miss a beat. More...

Membres :

  • Alon Freeman -
  • Amit Sagie -
  • Elran Dekel -
  • Sefi Ziezling -
  • Shlomi Alon -
  • Tal Tamari -
  • Yair Slutzki -
  • Yossi (E-shine) Mizrahi -

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