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Founded in 1997, Gaya, with Four albums released, has become well established as Israel’s leading group in the field of popular world music. 
Gaya’s, dynamic, expressive sound has its origins in a distinctive blend of the musical cultures of North Africa, Turkey, various Western nations, and the Middle East. Vocals and instrumentation, harmonies and melodies, have all been appropriated from their parent cultures and merged together in a surprisingly powerful and resonant sound that is uniquely moving, and uniquely Gaya. 

Gaya’s song “Yachad” (“Shir L’Ahava”), has become a very popular anthem, winning acclaim with their fans both in Israel and around the world. From the moment Gaya takes the stage, the audience is swept away by soulful, emotive rhythms that create an energetic, uplifting, and truly unforgettable experience. 

Gili Liber, best known by his friends as "Fretless", is the founding member and leading creative force in the group. His formative musical influences were in Rock, Jazz and Blues. Early in his career, Gili was exposed to the strong, earthy sounds of ethnic music. His heart was captured. His soul resonating with these sounds, so new to him, yet old as humankind, inspired him to study the indigenous instrumentations of the Middle East. 

Today, he brings ancient and modern sounds together in a scrumptious, deeply satisfying musical blend as he performs on the Aud, Baglama, Joombush and the Ney flute. Through the formation of Gaya to the present, their music has developed into a singular and powerful combination of Gili's explorations of ethnic music, and his musical roots in Blues and Rock. 

During the past four years, Gaya has appeared in the USA, Canada, the UK, France, Australia,Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Germany and Spain, touching the hearts of people around the world and laying the foundation for the eventual release of an album aimed at the international market.

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