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Жанр : Психоделик

GeKo is Amir Ben David, Born in March 3 1982, Israel.

At an early age he played the piano,
which started his first real passion for music,
but this was just the beginning.

After realizing that music did something special
for his soul he soon started going 
to as many music events as he could.
Soon he realized that it was time for a change,
it was time for him to try and make his own music,
the music that was trapped inside his psychedelic head for so long,
so he decided to form his solo project that called "GeKo".

GeKo music is very unique and powerful, night full on with psychedelic dark touch.
His music filled with psychedelic twisted melodies that create a unique and
special atmosphere that cannot be found just anywhere.
Sound that will reach your Psychedelic Mind and spin it into a motion that will
make you dance to the dark beat until you loose yourself in it.
Don't be afraid to try it for yourself.

'Watch out from the DarK cOrners, you will never know who is in there...' 

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