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Жанр : Акустика

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HaBanot Nechama are a live band in the deepest sense. They built themselves a hugh and very dedicated following before releasing even one single. HaBanot Nechama are three experienced singers, maintaining separate musical careers in addition to the group: Karolina, Dana Adini and Yael Deckelbaum. 

The three first performed together at an women singer-writers acoustic night at the famous Jah-Pan club in Tel-Aviv. The band's name came from the soothing and comforting element of the group's sound (Nechama in Hebrew means consolation). At first, each singer sang her own compositions, but later they started composing and writing all the songs for the show together. 

Their act performed many times in Israel and abroad, and was named "act of the year" in "DJ Ha'ir" magazine. 

August 2007 saw the release of HaBanot Nechama's self-titled debut. The album went gold after only three weeks, and platinum immediately afterwards, with the first single - "So Far" – topping the charts on every major radio station for weeks. All concerts on the first Israeli tour were quickly sold-out with an unprecedented demand by European summer festivals. The girls received great media exposure, performing on prime-time TV shows, and eventually getting them a nomination for the "Best New Act" award at the Israeli Music Channel annual awards. 

In February 2008 the girls won the ACUM (Israel's ASCAP) achievement award for "So Far". The judges: "You simply can't think about the passing year without this song... it has a unique quality of a harmony sang by three incredible singers, warming every listener's heart". 


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