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Genre : Alternative

Jonnie Shualy was born in Israel in 1967. IN 1991 Jonnie with his friend A'rale first made a home recording for their new song "Acshav"-(now). After that Jonnie get the band to the studio(amir kertes/rea mochiach/oded perach..assaf amdursky..chaim laroz ..and jonnie) together they have been recording the albom "The thousand and one" published and released-in NMC ..NANA DISC'(Banana}.. It became a big hit in israel. In the end of this year (1991) Jonnie became a member in a new band that will change the sound and concept in the israeli music. The band called "RAASH" that mean a big noise and thunder . With his friend to the band- Rea Mochiach-guitar.. Amir Kertes-vocal and guitar.. Oded Perach-drums.. Jonnie Shualy-vocal and bass the band had some hits in the media and record 4 albums and released 3 the famos one is "Raash-noise only noise.n"-with the hit :"Leitim". The band stoped working in 1999 and Jonnie released another albom called "the party man"-with the song Roach-"wind". Today JONNIE SHUALY is working on a new album with Rea mociach and having show all over the country with a new band under the name of JONNIE SHUALY. 

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