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Genre : Rock

JoshKoala is an Israeli indie rock band, that has been working together closely for two years. 

The band members are a tight group of friends: 

Shai Ben David (Vocals),
Erez Fodor (Guitars & Vocals), 
Moti Peretz (Guitars),
Alona Miller (Bass), 
Yoav Plotquin (Drums & percussion). 

joshkoala is now recording their first ep 
that will be released this summer. 
700 Days and Demons are taken from the first demo, released back in early 2007. 

Lastly, the JK Family would like to thank all of the families, 
close friends and fans that have been supporting them 
and alcoholically… 


Shai, Erez, Moti, Alona and Yoav. 
The JoshKoala Family. 


  • Alona Miller - Bass
  • Erez Fodor - Guitar
  • Moti Peretz - Guitar
  • Shai Ben-David - Vocal
  • Yoav Plotquin - Drums

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