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Genre : Techno

Tommi Sirkia aka Dj Justin Space
Born in 16.10.1977

As an active producer of electronic music for the past 19 years, Tommi "Justin Space" Sirkia has released 8 albums with projects such as Headphonics, Highpersonic Whomen, Haltya, PeLinPaLa and a good number of other published works ever since his first release in 1998. Tommi Sirkia is considered a pioneer of Finnish contemporary electronic music and one of Finlands most internationally experienced electronic music producers/DJ's today. He has performed a great number of gigs around the globe during his carrer and his DJ & Live performances have been heard in countries such as Finland, Russian Federation, Brazil, Israel, Netherlands, Denmark, Turkey, Cuba, Ukraine, Romania, Australia & Japan to name a few. Alongside of performing at electronic music events, he has also presented his music at art exhibitions in Finland. 
His Projects have charted 20 tracks within its genres on Beatport top 100 in 2008 with his projects and his tracks have been played by many legendary trance, breaks and techno DJ's, many of which have featured a track on their DJ mixes, including John "00" Fleming for Ministry of Sound Recordings "Euphoria" compilation. Within the last 10 years, after his first international realeases, he has shared the stage with many wellknown mainstay acts & Dj's world wide and his works have achieved the support of such names as the emeritus chief conductor of Helsinki's Philharmonic Orchestra and professor of conducting at the Sibelius Academy maestro Leif Segerstam, Annie Nightingale at BBC Radio One, Finnish contemporary opera composer Olli Kortekangas & conductor/professor Markus Lehtinen. 

Justin Space has released his works on various compilations from international labels including Ministry Of Sound Records, Simon Posford's Twisted Records, legendary Finnish Exogenic Music Group, Novatekk, Bombtraxx, Com.pact records, MPDQX label group, Digital Structures, Cymbidium, U.S.T.A & Millenium among others. 
His remixes include Tommi H's "kaikki tai ei mitaan" Headphonics RMX which topped the number 1 spot twice on Finland's only major electronic music radio station Basso's peoples choice chart in 2007. Other reworks worth noticing include a remake for African Bambaataa's "Planet Rock", also charting the top 10 on basso radio for many weeks in a row. 
Justin Space is one of the original founding member for the project Highpersonic Whomen. Their debut album Alternative Energy source was claimed by some critics to be the progressive trance album of the year 2002. The follow up album released june 2007 "Push the Limit" got an outstanding 5/5 stars in DJ MAG supported with comments such as : "This has to be one of the best albums i've heard for a very long time." 

Tommi's interest for music and various types of musical instruments inspired him to study music and music production in the Conservatoire of Pop & Jazz music of Helsinki, Finland. Born to a musician family, Tommi Sirkia grew up with music traveling the world with his father who is a classical opera singer. His Family settled down for 7 years in Germany during Tommi's childhood, because of his father's residency at a opera house in Dortmund. This is where Tommi first got in touch with electronic music as it was getting very popular in Germany at that time due to acid house and Techno. As a multi-instrumentalist Tommi masters several instruments, such as: piano, drums, guitar, bass, vibraphone among others. Playing and producing various musical genres from jazz to rock, techno to electro, and experimenting in the electronic fields of music has expanded his knowledge for music which is to be heard in his projects. Although Justin Space had been DJ:ing in parties since the year -94 he never really considered himself a DJ until some party promoters wanted to hear his talents on the decks with such enthusiasm that he decided to take up the challenge for real.

The Musical style of Justin Space has varied a lot during the years. What Tommi defines to be a peak moment in his career was the production work in Haltya and Highpersonic Whomen, because the release of the debut album allowed him to play abroad and feel the dancefloor vibes in different countries. After this his musical style of Dj:ing for the dancefloors totally changed and is nowadays in the style of techno, tech-house, minimal, & electro. However first and foremost Tommi is a true music freak and therefore respects all kinds of musical styles in all genres. 

Justin Space is a resident DJ and founding member of Planetaria Club & Kuuloke Club who host regular nights at Helsinki's Playground.

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