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Genre : Blues

K. M. Williams plays Texas blues ; stiff as the dry skin of a snake in the deserts of the south, as beautiful as the sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico in the west and flooding as the Red River in the north of the country, where he was born 56 years ago.

Persistent rumors say that just like in fairy tales, Williams learned to play the blues as a child from a nomad blues player passing thru the city – the same city, by the way, where  years before lived the Illustrious Lead Belly.

With a background like that, no wonder that K. M. Williams retains the sound and character of the old blues, strong and non-apologetic. This blues he is playing often on the tool that on which grew generations of blues players, guitar improvised from a box of cigars, whose one string he shakes with metal Slide  – as befits he who’s nomad instructor  was none other than Elmore James himself.

Like many of the great blues legends, from Charlie Patton to Little Richard, both K. M. Williams is an ordained minister and leads a double life as a priest and as a man of blues, and seeks to find a way through the church’s lofty hopes and the difficulties of daily life. Like them, he combines the  two sides of his one string the two roots of black American music: the Saturday night  blues and the Sunday morning gospel.

over the last decade. K M. Williams, became one of the most important players of raw, pure blues. his Seventeen solo albums were greatly appreciated and his enigmatic figure was already the inspiration for two films – and counting. he frequently appears in the U.S. and abroad, and engaging the audience every time with profound and moving Gospel , dancing  boogie and blues like they do in Texas: tough, beautiful and slashing.

To Israel Williams will come with Mike Buck, a veteran and respected drummer who played with artists from all corners of the blues, from the white blues of Texas of the Fabulous Thunderbirds to the Jimmy Vaughn, Screaming to the legendary J. Hawkins. Like Williams, Buck was born in Texas and took in the traditional blues of Texas, as Williams he is also demonstrating passion for the raw and non diluted blues. Together, Williams and Buck are forming  One irresistible rhythm Division .

After the performance by Robert Balfour filled to the brim the barbi club, Yamit Hagar decided to establish the production company Nobody’s Fault Productions to continue to bring the musicians she loves to Israel. Like the previous show, this time ticket price will be lower, to allow as many music lovers to enjoy the show.

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