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Genre : Classique

Kazablan  is an early Israeli Hebrew language play, staged first as a 1954 drama followed by a 1964 screen adaptation, later as a 1966 musical comedy, and still later produced as a 1974 musical comedy film.

 The name Kazablan comes from Casablanca, the birthplace of the main character.

The story has been called a Jewish adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, and the musical "an Israeli version of West Side Story. The plot involves a man and woman who fall in love across different cultures: here, Kazablan is a Sephardic Jew from Morocco in love with Rachel, an Ashkenazic Jew from Europe. "While the two leaders share religion, their contrasting cultures and ethnicities fuel community scandal and a bitter family feud.”



The musical's huge success made "young Jerusalem-born singer" Yehoram Gaon "not overnight singing star, but also a figure of solidarity and pride for people of Sephardic origin, many of whom were entering a theatre for the first time."[2] Gaon later reprised his role in the film version.

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