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Genre : Rock

Khalas is a unique Arabic rock band who found the perfect combination between rock/metal and Arabic music. Khalas brought a new genre (Arabic rock) to the world music scene. Their uncompromising music and flowing Arabic lyrics struck a chord in the hearts of music fans worldwide.

During the late 90s, vocalist Bassam Beromi, guitarist Abed Hathout and drummer Fadel Qandil formed Khalas in Acre, the city which Napoleon could not conquer. They were later joined by Bassist Dani Rooster. The band quickly earned a strong following in the region, largely based on strong word of mouth. Their first self released demo “Nowsal Lal Jeneh” (To reach Heaven) hit number one in leading local music radio station Ashams and maintained its position for three weeks.

In 2003, Khalas released their first LP entitled “Ma Adesh Feeha!” (We’ve had it!). The album started circulating through music collectors, and Khalas fan base soon spread throughout not only Israel and Palestine, but also Europe, Lebanon and the US.

Today, Khalas are back in the studio with Boyna Music Productions; the undergoing recording sessions will result in a second album where Khalas emerge in even more furious creativity, maturity and musical sophistication. The album includes rearrangements of classical Arabic pieces and additional eastern elements and lyrical passion which have become the band’s trademark. The yet untitled album is set to be released in late 2008.


  • Bassam - Vocal

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