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Жанр : Прогрессивный

Matan Elmalem, KiDO (25), begun Dj'ing Trance back in 1998, he has played along side pretty much all of the leading acts in the scene. 2002-2003 KiDO travels to Japan, there he performed under the name MACKE. He has perfomed in a number of local underground parties and was also featured on the Arcadia & Star Gate Festival. Since returned to Israel back in 2003 he manages to intend to every major party and festival in Israel. Such as "Revolution" festival and more. These days KiDO is considered as one of the most active and influential Dj's in Israel, producing party lines in local clubs such as "Haoman 17 T.A" & "Lemon"and "Comfort 13" clubs, and also organizing outdoor underground events all across the Israeli nature. Kido has joined Spectrum in early 2004, and is in charge of its local P.R, seeking new talents, and spreading the Spectrum moto & motivation. For the past 2 years KiDO has been working hard in the studio. Perfecting the production of his Solo project KiDO. He has cooperated with respected acts such as: Space Cat, Delirious, Perplex, Stereomatic, & Spectrum (Dj Dede). last month KiDO's first Compilation for Spectrum was released a compilation, named Analayzer part 3, with massive dance floor hits produced by the scenes leading artists. Beside the compilation KiDO has a list of released Tracks and upcoming releases: • Two tracks at the new DEDE Album from "Spectrum Rec" Israel. • Two track at the Compilation Analayzer Part 3 from KiDO. • One track at "Mandala Rec" from France (due at Feb 2007). • One track at "Spliff Music" (Due at March 2007). • One track at Delirious album from "HomMega Rec". • One Track at Space Cat Compilation from H2O Lable. • One Track at "Spun" Rec at their new label compilation. • One Track at "Free Spirit" London. In September 2006 KiDO had a 3 week tour in Brazil, where he preformed at 5 parties with artists such as Raja Ram, Space Cat, X-Noise and more, and also preformed his first KiDO live act. In 2007 I sighn up with Vision Quest – and after 2 month I released my second compilation: New Vision, that include new talents artists such as: Dune, Perplex, Slider, Ptx, Solar System and more… KiDO style of music is groovy psytrance, he known for his unique mixing style and beside his own music he is considered one of the best Dj set artist in Isreal.

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