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Жанр : Панк

Ok so we are Kill Your Leaders. Kill Your Leaders is an experiment that went wrong formed by "Steven" in 10/10/08. We are all members of familiar bands in Israel like broken up metal band "Fatality" and punk band "GATZ", weird combination ha?, well That’s what our music sounds like. Think about combining metal with punk and some ska and that’s what you get. Kill Your Leaders is a musician group that does a good job mixing up shit. Even though "K.Y.L" mixes all sorts of music the idea of political lyrics still exists. If you'll listen to our lyrics you will see K.Y.L's radical political opinion. We are not religious people with beards and yamakas and all that shit just because we come from jew land. We are atheists. We hope that you all like what you are going to hear, Kill Your Leaders!


  • Steven - Вокал и Гитара
  • Vollach - Барабаны

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