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Genre : Rock

Named for Robert M. Pirsig's "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance", the Church of Reason was founded in the early '90s in the western part of Israel's Negev Desert. Blending "new wave" influences (particularly Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) and Mediterranean and Middle Eastern ethnic rock, the band soon realized they had outgrown the rural desert, and by 1992 the band had moved to Israel's cultural center Tel Aviv to establish themselves as a national touring act, and begin production on their first studio album "whispered words" (nanadisk). Their second full length and self-titled album "church of reason" (levantini) was released in 1999 to great critical acclaim, and commercial success. The band is named "best rock group of '99" by Israel's national radio station, and is invited to play all the major rock festivals and events around the country. In 2001 Mashina's Shlomi Bracha joins production of the band's 3rd album "run child" (NMC), a studio album that was recorded live so as to deliver the new sound the band was looking for. Following the release of the album, the band joins Ehud Banai on the road, for a collaboration that continues to this day.
Their 4th album "hands up" (NMC) was released in 2004, and was produced for the first time by the band themselves. In 2007 the band teamed up with a young new label to produce an ambitious project dubbed "autobiography" (barbi records): re-recording their classic hits from the last two decades accompanied by a 40-piece orchestra comprised of ethnic and traditional classical instruments. The live show that followed was produced specially for the prestigious national "Israel Festival" of '07, and due to great popular demand the band then took the entire production (orchestra and all) on the road for sold out shows in such esteemed venues as the ancient Roman Amphitheater in Cesaria, the Amphitheater in Ra'anana and Tel Aviv's grand Frederic R. Mann Auditorium.

"whisper words" (nanadisk) - 1993
"here are songs" (hed artzi) - 1994 E.P.
"church of reason" (levantini) - 1999
"run child" (NMC) - 2001
"hands up" (NMC) - 2004
"autobiography" (barbi records) - 2007

Membres :

  • Ami Rice - Piano
  • Daniel Zaibelt - Percussion
  • David Raz - Guitare élèctrique
  • Ran Elmaliach - Voix et basse
  • Yoram Hazzan - Chant et guitare

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    Par : Lyudmila, Posté le : 03 Aug, 17:39:04
    Кто же играет на рожке? В списке нет духовых инструментов.
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