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Genre : מטאל

KNIFED is an israeli violent grindcore/death-metal band, formed officialy with full strong line-up at 08' (but exists as the first time we used that name since the summer of 07'), The main purpose of our band is to create the most brutal music we can preduce out of our instruments. while influenced of bands like Devourment, Nasum, Brutal Truth, Rotten Sound etc. After a few departures and line-up changes We've finally decided that the work will still be in progress for the final product which is the grindeath band that we are today. KNIFED is now working very hard for recording a debut release, which will be released soon enough for the world to hear our deathgrind pessimistic yet wishful declaration of war.


  • Gozlan - תופים
  • Halimi - שירה וגיטרה
  • Shukri - בס

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