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Genre : פאנק

Kroom does: Timpani and Percussion (Modern, Avant-garde, Baroque, Romantic, Classical in orchestra and ensembles), Ethnic (hand drums), Drumset (rock, punk and experimental), cabaret, theater, soundtracks and cd/radio/tv/dance projects. Studied with: William Winant, Raymond DesRoches, George Marsh, Kawase Katsuhiko, Gordon Mumma, Leta Miller, Julius Levine, Samuel Baron, Paul Vorwerk, Brad Lubman, David Cope, Lou Harrison, Frederic Lieberman.

Kroom means crust, skin or membrane. Also likes to be lo-fi and DIY. I began percussing in the mid 80s, having previously played the piano since kindergarten. Through the passage of time, drums & percussion have become a way of life.

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