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Genre : Jazz

1993  – Graduated with honours from Tashkent Conservatory. At the end of that same year immigrated to Israel. Immediately following the arrival succeeded in joining the local music and entertainment scene: found work as Singer and recorded an album with Sassi Keshet and Galit Giat.

 2000  – Winner of the "Original English Song" contest conducted by the Jerusalem Post. Participates in many radio and TV shows.

 2001  – Together with the Composer and Poet Raya Gilad recorded a children's songs album Candy Every Day.

 2002  – Recorded my own original Russian album "The Red Sea". Worked a Vocalist and recorded many jingles and commercials, including "Israel –we here live" for the Israeli Russian TV channel 9+.

 2005  – Performed in the International Jazz Festival of Camerino, Italy. Part of the Jazz style musical group "Hot Club de Israel". Performed in the Zfat Kleizmers Festival - 2005.

 2006-07  – Participates in recording a Russian version of soundtrack at the movie "Barbie" for the Walt Disney Studios, USA. 
As member of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra Choir participated in choir performances of Mozart's "Requiem", Puccini's "Madam Butterfly" and Gutierrez "Missa Cubana".

 2007  – Together with the Singer Franco Azaz created the musical program "Musicals in Duet" (accompanied by Asya Lokshin), with which they toured and performed all over the country: in the Scottish Hotel, Tiberias, Ramat Ef'al.

 2006-07-  – Choirmaster of Vocal Group in Youth Village High School "Ben Shemen" (Israel)

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