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Genre : Alternative

In 2007 The Mary and The Baby Cheeses used to call it "Experimental Folk with a grain of Post-Punk made by improvised and non-improvised instruments". 

The Theremin is gone, no more vast soundscapes, it's become very minimal, with a tiny odd drumkit. 
Ended up playing neither Electro, nor Surf, nor even purely Rock'N'Roll. (20's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 00's we love them all). That is why we've decided to remain amoebic about the genres, let them blend into a mash of unproportional vulgarity, a queer Lo-fi, Cyber-Punk Cabaret? 

We are the mix-and-match generation. any time is the right time to be born and bear the past and the present with a hint of a future while pretending the now is eternal and fatal at the same time. 

currently looking to recruit new members.
vivid and precise


  • Athena Nej - Drums
  • Mariya Ocher - Vocals & Guitar
  • Pax Chimera - Bass

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