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Genre : Electro

Matan Dror is a New York, House & Electro creator, start to create before a year. 
Today Matan working on a few remixes and original projects. 
Top 5 Projects : 
Epiphony - One more night [Matan Dror Club Mix] 
Maya - Why [Matan Dror Remix] 
Matan Dror - Malody Of Love [Original Remix] 
Offer Nissim Ft. Maya - Perfect Love [Matan Dror Power Mix] 
Christina Aguilera - Hurt [Matan Dror Remix]

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  • Great !!!
    By: 1q1q, posted at: 20 Jun, 03:29:33
    Thanks for Israel !

    For all the djs they gave Smile

    like offer nissim the besttt

    yinon yahell !!

    Dudi Sharon

    This one..[Matan Dror]

    and longggggg page of creators and producers !!!

    Love Israel !!!!!
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