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Genre : Alternative

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The Matbucha Project is an ensemble that combines electronic and world music, live. Some will call them an underground phenomenon that combines a variety of musical style, languages, and instruments. They put a special emphasis on the connection between electronic and acoustic music, antique and modern, computerized and live, east and west. The instruments are many and varied borrowed from different cultures.
Matbucha is the second musical project brainchild of Guy Ben-Shitrit, guitarist and main writer for the cult act Infectzia, whose humorous yet clever lyrics and unique blend of different styles gained a strong hold among an ever-growing crowd of Israeli teenagers. Ben Shitrit is also the founder of Eatliz. 

Matbucha was formed in 1996, when Ben-Shitrit joined forces with Yiftah Kadan, Omry Hanegbi and Yaron Sarel. In this early era, the ensemble was based on solely insrumental work. The only rare live show of Matbucha was an instrumental one, at Sugi art gallery in Jaffa with this line up of members, that gave the band it's seeds of musical style and arrangements. 

In 1997 Ben-Shitrit met singer Yael Kraus, a gathering that yielded a musical connection immediately, which led to Kraus being the front woman of the band. 

During 4 years of working toghther, the band didn't use to rehearse at conventional rehearsal rooms. Instead, they found a convenient place at Kraus big rented noisy apartment at Alenby street in Tel Aviv, where she has stored music equipment from Her dad's club 'Kraus'. The location had an influence on the band's sound, being produced at homely conditions rather than a studio one. 

Matbucha didn't release any music officialy, but did recorded lots of material, as you can hear on this page. These are from a demo the band recorded at 1998.  


  • Guy 'Goldie' Zehavi - Bass
  • Guy Ben Shitrit - Guitar
  • Noa Hegesh - Keyboards
  • Omry Hanegby - Drums
  • Yael Kraus - Vocal
  • Yiftah Kadan - Guitar

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