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Жанр : Judeo Arabic

Maurice el Medioni -Legendary Raï  pioneer and grandmaster ,creator of the PianOriental. Maurice el Médioni was born in 1928 in the Jewish quarter of Oran, Algeria. He was only nine when he had his first encounter with the piano, quickly picking up French popular songs he heard on the radio. After Oran was liberated by the allies in 1942, Maurice became part of the first Rai wave, mixing local with Latin music as well as the Jazz and Boogie-Woogie he learn from black US soldier. In the fifties he composed and played for the big names of Jewish –Algerian cabaret performers like Lili Boniche, Blond Blond and others.After immigrating to France in 1962, his art found French, then international stardom.

“Café Oran”his first Piranha release, is one of Rough Guide’s Essential CDs of World Music. A childhood hero of Khaled, He’s featured guest on his 2004 release “Yah- Rayi”. For his second album Descarga Oriental “Maurice travelled to New York to meet Cuban super drummer Roberto Rodriguez, dreaming together of roots that never were.

Maurice el Medioni received the prestigious BBC  radio 3  Awards World Music CULTURE CROSSING at Womex 2007
Concerts Available in solo, duo, trio and sextet

“Medioni showed his prowess with his light fingered melodies flowered with delicate ornaments and grace notes “Simon Broughton –The evening Standard

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