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Genre : Acoustic Rock

Midnight Peacocks is a hard-core rock trio from Tel Aviv. They play music they like to define as "circus-core" – a crossover between hard-core, oriental and cabaret. Midnight Peacocks started performing in October 2004 and has since played around 200 live concerts including warm up's for MIKE PATTON, DUB TRIO & FIREWATER from the USA.

The Peacock's first album, "It’s a Brutal Machine" (2006), was released by Earsay Records and officially helped to establish them as the leading band of the Israeli indie scene. The new release of the band is a concept album named "Shalosh"(Hebrew for number three). The album contains 3 main parts. The first is a hard core rock EP, the second is an Arabic instrumental & the third is experimental. More...


  • Eithan Radoshinsky - Vocal
  • Hagai "Eddie" Shlezinger - Drums
  • Ron Bunker - Guitar

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