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Miri Mesika was born on the 3rd of May 1978 in Hertzeliya and als grew up there. As a young kid she loved fine arts. Miri studies since elementry school and during high school how to play the fluit and the guitar, and how to do sculpturing and painting. At her high school she had theater as her major field.

After Miri was released from the army service, she went to the the school of arts Rimon where she also met Keren Peles and from then on they became friends. Miri's studies were focused on theater and singing. Miri discovered at the age of 16 that she loves to do these two things. At Rimon she was noticed by her teachers for her singing skills and one of her teachers, the famous Israeli singer Ricky Gal, told Miri her thoughts of how gifted her singing skills are and how lovely voice is. So Miri continued developing her singing skills too.

After graduating from her studies her talent didn’t pass by and she was signed by "ANANA" one of the biggest music labels in Israel, for a contract with the agreement that she will release 5 albums under their label. This is a very big amount of albums and a very long contract, which isn’t common in the Israeli music. This contract clearly showed how much faith "ANANA" had in their young talent. More...

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