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Жанр : Фолк

It all began in 2003 in a local bar in downtown Tel Aviv. Nadi was the resident D.J and Maya the cocktail waitress. She could sing he could play, they stepped into the studio and emmerged 3 months later with an magical low fi album, their debut: "Woke up in a midget", a dreamy intimate record, raw and real. the record was disrtibuted by a local indie label "No distribution". In the following months they gathered an array of extraordinary musicians to take the act to the stage, creating a show that delivers acoustic intimacy beside kicking rock&roll. they entered the studio for a second time, this time around the whole band took part along with other musical guests that added cello, violin, trombone, flute, banjo and more. The second album "Cellar door" is out now,produced&recorded by avi sade and distributed by "Earsay Records".run to the stores...


  • Amir Waisman - Гитапа
  • Dan Billu - Бас
  • Maya Rilov - Вокал
  • Nadi Billu - Вокал
  • tom kellner - Виолончель

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