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Жанр : Акустика

Nava Tehila members write, sing and play music to uplift the heart and deepen our connection to nature, to each other and to the Divine. Our music flirts with Hebrew words from the Psalms and from Jewish prayers and works well for chanting groups and community singing as well as a listening experience. Our music is influenced by east and west: Moroccan and flamenco, Klezmer and Irish music, Gospel and folk; a blend that is uniquely Israeli. In our big chanting gatherings and on our first cd we have many friends playing with us: Ud and nay, flute and cello, Irish fiddle and whistles and a whole klezmer band; but we are just as happy to sing and create new music with two guitars, our voices and an African drum! Our first cd, Dancing in the Glory (Yecholel Ayalot) was released on November 18. 16 tracks to make your soul dance!

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