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Genre : אקוסטי

Hello everybody A quick introduction would be name is Nir(as you all probably noticed) I'm soon to be 30 years old and music is what i do..for the last years I'm involved with several projects in different areas: my album "Ben Gagot"(in between roofs in the Hebrew language) was released to the free world on march 2007, you can't find it in any store but you can download it on for free and if you really like it you can buy it from me through my space. My world music group BAMIDBAR(in the desert in the Hebrew language) has just finished recording it's debut album and it is soon to be can hear our music on I play regularly with the Shay Maoz quintet a jazz-funk ensemble and for those of you who like jazz i highly recommend it :) Oh...and I've just joined a band - Batsir 76( plays Israeli folk music. I teach music and guitar for a living and write arrangements for combos and big bands also strings every now and than. on this page you can hear songs from my album Ben Gagot which reflects a very particular period in my life 2004-2005 and from my group Bamidbar. well that is me or mostly what i do...i hope one day my music will get out world wide speaking and in Israel of course but if not it's o.k too:) if you got this far it means you like it so thank you:):)

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