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Hello I’m Noam,
I’m a Singer-Songwriter. I was born in Israel, studied in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Amsterdam. 

Trombone and keyboards are my instruments. 

I fell in love with the Piano when I was 3 years old and it took me 2 more years to start communicating with it on a professional level. My teacher always said I talk with the piano, not only play it. I believe it is not only an accompany instrument but a friend that helps me express what I want to say in my songs.

My Trombone joined the ride when I was 12 because I'm a Soprano but always dreamed to be an Alto. The Trombone gave me the opportunity to reach the low range I didn't have naturally in my voice. I consider playing it as singing as well.

My music is a gateway to my soul, I believe in inspiration, love, freedom, truth and God.
I started writing poetry as a try to translate myself into words. When I saw there is no way to transcribe my non-verbal thoughts into words I started writing music.
But only when I combined these two fields of art together I realized they can not be separated.

My passion is to write songs and sing them, as a way to get me closer to the people who listen.
My goal is to touch my audience and to be touched back by them; to have a relationship.

My idols are not necessarily musicians but people who stand for what they believe.
These people inspire me to be a better person and to be true to myself. I'm lucky to have a "chosen family", my wonderful friends who inspire me in these ways and great teachers all along my path in life.
I am honoured to thank all the people who were there for me in every step of this amazing journey.

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